NATUREVIEW  natuurfotografie door Jan Roofthooft

BREACH is de eerste echte documentaire over de controversiële commerciële walvisjacht in IJsland
(Lees ook de pagina Een IJsland met 2 gezichten)

The film exposes the country's defiant and illegal participation in commercial whale hunting against a backdrop of worldwide debates,
international tourism, fierce nationalism, and political intrigue.
Ignoring international law, Iceland's politicians, scientists, and businessmen encourage the continuation of the hunt,
convinced that these migratory mammals are their resources to exploit.
Their intent: disregard international directives and set their own killing quotas each hunting season.
They will continue their slaughter in order to gain minuscule profits.
After appearing at film festivals around the United States (including Santa Barbara International,
New York International, San Francisco, and Newport Beach), BREACH is now available to the world. It’s a must see!

Note to Buyers: Viewers who choose to purchase “Breach,” please know that subtitles currently work on the Vimeo Player only.
Please check back soon to purchase a version with burned-in subtitles. Thanks for your patience.

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